Time for the Finishing Touches

At this point, you should have a solid case study. It could stand on its own, but putting a few finishing touches on it will make it seem more professional, not to mention more credible.

Don’t Forget a Title

First, you need to add a title. Take your most impressive metric and write your title around it, like so:

  • Pizza Chain Boosts Revenue by 125% with WidgetTron 6000

If you don’t have stellar metrics, don’t try to force them into your title. If you do, it could end up sounding kind of… pathetic. For example:

  • Pizza Chain Boosts Revenue by 4% with WidgetTron 6000

Four measly percent? Wow… how, um, impressive. In this case, it’s better to go with a more feel-good statement:

  • Pizza Chain Makes Ordering Easier Than Ever with WidgetTron 6000

Add a Summary Section

People are generally busy; to make it easy for them to read your content, you should provide a section that summarizes the case study. You may have labored long and hard over your magnum opus, but people still tend to skim everything they read, especially marketing collateral.

The summary should be set off from the main text, either at the very top or preferably in a sidebar. Your goal is to recap the whole case study in a short, scannable way, so you should include your customer’s company name and what industry it operates in.

Then, go through the three main sections of your case study—challenge, solution, and results—and pick one to three key points from each. Copy and paste them into your summary section, edit them down to a sentence or less, and make them into bullet points.

Want to see an example of a summary section? Just get a copy of DIY Case Studies: A Drop-Dead Simple Guide to Writing Killer Marketing Case Studies and all will be revealed.


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